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Our Results

We measure our success based on three indicators:  Sensitivity levels, Achievement levels, and Customer satisfaction. We are Constantly developing high-quality gels that work more efficiently and track progress constantly, so we can always deliver a better product.


Smiles on the run is the result of number of years in depth research into teeth whitening technology. Smiles on the run Gels are  the most cost effective system on the market and best of all you can see amazing, long-lasting results in minutes.

Research The Industry

An educated consumer is our best customer. Smiles on the run Teeth Whitening Products has helped thousands of people just like you to have whiter teeth and brighter smiles. Gels have been proven safe and are backed by years of research and experience to assure their safety and efficiency.

Pro Series

A complete smile in a package. Smiles on The Run gels give you a 8 shade whiter smile in less than 30 minutes. Our Advanced Teeth Whitening System uses the same enamel-safe teeth whitening agent dentists use. Get a whiter smile within minutes.



Whitening Pen

Easy to use whitening pen with enamel-safe hydrogen peroxide base gel. It is the most  effective on-the-spot whitener. It  is safe, effective, and fast  drying. This is perfect for smokers, wine drinkers, and everyone looking for a white smile.



  • Richard Bretford

    Keep your head up and smile

      I'm a repeat customer ever since I noticed my teeth were getting whiter. I will definitely be back to take advantage of the return program
  • Christina Whitener

    Results last up to a year

      My Teeth are much whiter. I will definitely be back to take advantage of it the return program
  • Liz Moore

    Get the best results with no sensitivity

      I didn't expect my teeth to whiten that quickly. The return program is definitely worth it!